Staufenbiel EPSILON XL3 4000mm PNP

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Staufenbiel EPSILON XL3 4000mm PNP


Gentle giant in a new guise

The EPSILON models are one of the most successful glider model ranges of the last few decades. EPSILON is now available in a variety of sizes and designs - and now the largest model in the range is getting a new look. The EPSILON XL3.

Powerful in thermals 
The wings have a high-power and high-performance MH-32 profile specially designed for thermal flight. Due to the low wing load of the EPSILON XL3, a slow descent is achieved, while the profile guarantees the necessary power at high speeds.

Gentle landings and easy takeoffs
The 4m model can be landed gently and precisely in the butterfly position even in tight spaces thanks to its non-problematic slow flying characteristics and plain flaps. Furthermore, manual launches can be easily performed unaided due to the powerful drive.

High-quality construction
The fuselage of the EPSILON XL3 consists of red stained fibreglass and features a stabiliser on the tailplane. The wing, which is covered with ORACOVER®, has a Styrofoam core and is clad with high-quality abachi wood, providing a solid and hard surface. Both the fuselage and the surfaces are reinforced at key points with carbon fibre. The built-in motor bulkhead and rudder horns are made of aluminium, the wing torsion bars of high-quality fibre-glass. In addition, the geometry of the EPSILON XL3 side rudder linkage has been improved.

Little construction effort
Whether in the "naked" ARF version or the almost-ready-to-fly PNP version - both versions display an extremely high degree of pre-fabrication, so that little construction effort is required.

Secured areas (PNP version) 
Thanks to the pre-installed MPX Multilock system, the wings provide the necessary support. Pre-installed MPX plug connections in the wings make it easier to join the servo cables together.

Powerful motor (PNP Version) 
The PNP version of the EPSILON XL3 has a built-in HIMAX high-performance motor with a diameter of 42 mm, a length of 60 mm, 570 kV and 950 watts. The scope of supply also includes the enclosed aluminium spinner and Aeronaut 16 x 8" folding propeller. In addition, the PNP version has six digital servos with metal gearbox already installed and wired in the servo frames.

New look
The EPSILON XL3 now has a new, fresh and more up-to-date look. The GRP fuselage is painted red and the wings covered with an appealing décor. On the underside of the wings there are high-contrast block stripes, which enable the pilot to readily detect the orientation of his or her model.

A lot of glider for a low price 
Like the other members of this range, the EPSILON XL3 will impress any glider enthusiast with its price/ performance ratio. Find out more about the Staufenbiel EPSILON XL3.


  • painted GFR fuselage
  • 4-piece Styrofoam surface lined with abachi wood
  • with plain flaps and stabiliser
  • improved side rudder linkage
  • covered with original ORACOVER® film
  • built-in aluminium motor bulkhead for motors with a diameter of up to 42 mm
  • built-in rudder horns made of aluminium
  • built-in wing torsion bars made of GRP
  • carbon fibre reinforcements in the fuselage and wings
  • original MPX Multilock wing locking system installed (only PNP version)
  • built-in HIMAX 4226-570KV motor with 950 watts (only PNP version)
  • including CAM Prop 16x8" and aluminium spinner (only PNP version)
  • 2 Dymond DS 1550 MG and 4 Dymond D 260 MG pre-installed in servo frames (only PNP version)
  • pre-installed cable harness with MPX plug connection and locked servo connections (only PNP version)
  • installation instructions with lots of pictures in German, English and French

The package of this product has over 1.20 m in length, it falls to corresponding surcharges.

Wingspan approx.:
4000 mm
Fuselage length approx.:
1510 mm
Weight (ready to fly):
4000 g
Wing area approx.:
90,0 dm²
Type of construction/material wing:
Type of construction/material fuselage:
Box contents:
Accessories built-in/included:
Himax 4226-570Kv
2x Dymond DS 1550 MG, 4x Dymond D260 MG
CamProp 16 x 8"
41 mm
RC-Function/accessory recommendation:
1x D 260 MG (incl.)
1x D 260 MG (incl.)
2x DS 1550 MG (incl.)
2x D 260 MG (incl.)
1x Smart 60
Needed to complete:
DYMOND Smart 60
DYMOND LiPo 4000-5000mAh 4S
DYMOND LiPo Charger


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