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0,82 m
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XB 2825/6R

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Electric Racer Promotion formula developed by Vincent LABROUVE for TOPMODEL

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After having made their air race flying experience the CAVALLINO, the pilots fan of speed surely will adore our new racer.

The PETIT CHELEM, it is her name, cannot hide her resemblance with her big brother the GRAND CHELEM. It is a racer of which the aerodynamic concept is inspired of the QUICKIE 500. The performances are elsewhere nearly identical: 1' 35" to 1' 40" for 10 laps. Qualities of flight are perfect, easy to land and the visibility is largely improved for the pilots as for the judges with 20dm² surface against 15,4dm² only for the racers B type.

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Very economic, a 45,90€  brushless motor and a 3S LiPo pack are enough to flirt with the 140MPH!!! In the south of France, we already made some races with that plane versus a very powerful Quickie and the result is interesting: Quickie which departed first, never overtook the PETIT CHELEM! During 7 laps, distance between them did not change and at the end of the race, the Quickie slowly started to catch it up (due to battery voltage drop).

The high-quality ARF kit requires only 3 to 5 hours of pleasant work to fly her.

6 fluor colors (to improve the visibility) available:

* Fluorescent red

* FluorescentOrange

* Fluorescent blue

* Fluorescent yellow

* Fluorescent green

* Fluorescent Pink

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To specify at the time of your order and according to stocks available.

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Content of the set

ARF Quick build Kit

  • All built-up plywood and balsa fuselage, ready, covered with Oracover®. Integrated fin, ready. Radio and wing fixing nut trays (blind nuts already installed). Airframe geometry already set up for you at the factory. Motor cowl-support fixing system already installed. Elevator linkage installed.
  • All built-up plywood and balsa wing ready, covered with Oracover®, art work done. Ailerons servos wells done with hatch ready. Foil hinged ailerons.
  • Horizontal empennage all balsa, covered with Oracover®. Elevator surface foil hinged ready.
  • Accessories: Screws, fiberglass control horns, linkages.
  • Huge stickers sheet.
  • Step by step, all-photo construction manual.


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