Solius RR

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Solius RR



Solius RR


Solius RR

Solius RR
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Airborne elegance!
High-performance electric glider with T-tail, cockpit and clear canopy. With its pleasant handling and excellent perfor-mance the SOLIUS offers tremendous flying pleasure to anyone from the weekend flyer to the pro-standard pilot. Whether you’re looking for long gliding flights or lively aerobatics - the SOLIUS always gives a good account of itself.
The outstanding features of this ELAPOR model are its many new, innovative and sophisticated details, which set entirely new standards for this class of model.
Kit contents:
ELAPOR®-Modell 100% factory-assembled, inclusive PERMAX BL-O 3516-0850 motor, speed controller MULTIcont BL 40 S-BEC, assembled propeller 12x6", 4 Servos Nano-S, applied decal and comprehensive instruction.
High-performance brushless power system with folding propeller
Clear moulded canopy with detailed cockpit interior
Detachable tailplane for ease of transport
Innovative tubular spar technology allows the wings to withstand tremendous stress
“M-SPACE technology” for an extremely strong fuselage
Specifications :
Wingspan: 2160 mm
Overall lengh: 1100 mm
All-up weight, glider version: from 1250 g
All-up weight, electric version: from 1450 g
channels required: 4
RC Functions: Rudder and elevator, throttle, motor
construction period: Appr. 15 min
time of flight: ca. 35 min without Thermik
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